Welcome to Sliding Doors Astrology

It gives me great pleasure to share my passion and love for astrology with you. Each and every one of us has a higher purpose and a spiritual path to follow but not all of us know how to find that path and we continue to wander aimlessly through life desparate to find the key to help unlock the path to our destiny. Do you sometimes feel disempowered or paralysed by fear to move forward in your life?

Just like in the film “The Matrix” when Morpheus says to Neo “there’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path”. Neo senses he is destined to save humanity from the Matrix but is avoiding the call.

Do you, like Neo, feel like you are destined for a higher purpose?  I know I did.  I could see the path before me for a long time but my insecurities and the fear of the unknown held me back from walking my path. Once I surrendered myself I was able to work through these issues and set myself on my true journey.

Let me help you unearth the paths that lie before you. I have the tools that can lead you to explore your chosen path which can then take you to your destiny.


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